Application appendices

Must be submitted before making any rental agreement; exceptions to this are made by the tenant selector

  • Salary certificates from the employer stating the gross monthly income of all employed persons moving into the flat
  • Tax certificates of all persons over 18 years of age moving into the flat (tax assessment decision and pre-completed tax return specification on the most recent tax payment; a property tax card for property)
  • Certificate stating the pension amount (gross EUR/month)
  • Proof of pregnancy
  • Student certificate of all persons under 18 years of age moving into the flat
  • Account on the fair value of property
  • Creditor certificate of debts
  • For immigrants: proof of the right to reside in Finland (photocopy of the passport)
  • Certificate of unemployment allowance
  • Other appendices

The applicant must provide a separate account concerning the uninhabitability of a residence, eviction from the current residence and receiving a job in the area. If the eviction has been ordered by a court, a copy of the court order must be attached to this application.

If your residence is uninhabitable, the reason must be explained in a separate account provided by a health or building inspector.

Unrealised capital gains are income subject to capital tax, such as rental income, income from shares, taxable interest income, and appear on the tax statement.

An estimate made by a building inspector or similar official on the fair value of a single-family house or other residential property, or an estimate of the fair value of a condominium given by a property manager or other reliable source as well as creditor certificates concerning debts incurred by the property in question must be attached to this application. If the property has already been transferred, a copy of the contract of sale or other document stating the transfer price must be attached to application.

If there are or were multiple condominiums or properties, they must be itemised in an appendix. Joint ownership must be explained in a separate account, which specifies the names of the owners and holding amounts.

If you would like to explain your need for housing using other points, please attach a separate appendix (e.g. medical certificate or agreement on child custody/visitation rights) to your application.
Should any circumstances change, you must update your application.